Curators of unique and creative event solutions

Hedonist Events creates immersive brand experiences that stand head and shoulders above the rest, allowing us to create memorable moments. With our experienced team of creatives and grafters, ensure every aspect of your brand is considered and delivered.

From festival activations to trade stands no job is considered too small or too large, our creative minds can tailor the offering from; startups to seasoned event brands, Hedonist Events has the ability, knowledge, and more importantly experience to bring your ideas to life. 

Together we can create incredible experiences.

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What We Do?

Bespoke Installation

From understandings of venue constraints, to detailed scheduling; Hedonist Events have you covered.

Bar Operations

From a full turnkey festival solution to the most exclusive product launch; Hedonist Events ensures seamless consistency.

Creative Design

From hairbrain ideas through to essential elements Hedonist Events’ in house creatives can ensure they deliver on your expectations.

Brand Agency

Hedonist Drinks are experts in engaging with your demographic; from strategy to styling you are in safe hands.


Hedonist Events don’t just do the exciting parts, we treat your assets with the same care and attention that it deserves, our storage solutions ensure everything is safe and cared for.


Hedonist Events fleet of event vehicles and crew are on hand to assist with all forms of logistical requirements, from delivering a single prototype bottle to a full stage we are here for you.


No job considered too small or too large Hedonist Events’ in house workshop team really do mean anything is possible.


From enticing eye catching activations to your event to the simplest of pouring deals. Hedonist Events little black book is here to help.

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Covid-19 - Social Distancing Solutions

It is difficult to navigate the unknown, but as we continue to understand how best to slow the spread of Covid-19, we want to do everything we personally can to keep our clients, partners, employees and local communities safe. Endpoint Events is here to assist you with the challenges all companies and institutions now face in these unprecedented times. Allowing your staff and visitors to return to your workplace in a safe and controlled environment which is key to maintaining hygiene and social distancing guidelines. With our knowledge in stand design and installation we have developed solutions with our manufacturing partners that allows a rapid and simple solution to all aspects of social distancing solutions. And last and most important of all we would to thank our NHS staff that are at the forefront of the fight to protect us all.