Social Distancing Solutions 

Endpoint Events Solutions is here to assist you with the challenges all companies and institutions now face in these unprecedented times. Allowing your staff and visitors to return to your workplace in a safe and controlled environment which is key to maintaining hygiene and social distancing guidelines. With our knowledge in stand design and installation we have developed solutions with our manufacturing partners that allows a rapid and simple solution to all aspects of social distancing solutions. 

The following slides offer examples of numerous framework solutions that are fully customisable to your workspace and can be installed fast and effectively without the need for permanent fixing point and damage to existing office fixtures and fittings. These solution are also quick and easy to reconfigure and remove when and where necessary 

We can help support your business return to work safely and responsibly 

Desk Dividers & Desk partition Social Distancing Solutions 

We can help support your business return to work safely and responsibly 

Desk Dividers

Protect individuals by creating separation dividers between desks and workstations. Designed to keep distance and reduce risk, with a rapid, cost effect solution to your existing office layout that allows installation onto existing desks and office furniture without leaving marks or the need for permanent fixing points. Our range of desk dividers designs are fully customisable to create a unique solution for your workspace environment 


Modular, premium finish product Sturdy mount onto desks Link together for specific desk layouts Customisation options available: tinted or frosted acrylic infills, coloured framework Reconfigurable: add or remove components with ease 

Fixed or freestanding options available Adjustable feet provided Exact desk height dimensions required 

Low cost and fast implementation Customised individually to each desk Mobile flexibility for when workplace layouts change Ideal solution for adjustable desks Wipeable for easy cleaning Zero build time – just drop into place and can be customised to fit around existing features Can be made to any size and shape Brand with simple stickers 

Desk Partition Social Distancing Solutions

Use modular walling to separate desks and workstations. Designed as partitioning to protect and reduce risk between individuals. All desk partitions are fully customisable to meet exact requirements including sizing, materials and branding. 

Retail & Reception screens 

Screening for retail & reception environments to protect both staff and customers. Ideal for checkout, serving areas and receptions to reduce risk without compromising human interaction and service. 

Combine with -Floor stickers -Directional foot flow wall panels. -Hand sanitiser stations. -Reposition when needed. 

Informations points & Hygiene stations 

To complete your social distancing environments, you might want to consider these essentials. Simply add these products to your environment to protect, reduce risk, and provide information. All quick and easy to implement 

Cost, designs and lead times 

We and our manufacturing partner are currently working with numerous clients to assist in social distancing solutions and currently working towards a lead time from design sign-off to delivery of approx 10-14 days. 

If you wish to discuss any of our social distancing solutions further with your design team please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily work up designs, production costs and installations dates to suit your requirements asap. 

We can help support your business return to work safely and responsibly 

We can help support your business return to work safely and responsibly.

You can also check the government advice here:

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